20 Facts about Toothpaste

Exactly how much do you understand about tooth paste? We utilize it every day and we understand that it is truly important in protecting our teeth from tooth cavities and gum illness however what is the complete tale of tooth paste? Check out these realities below to learn more:

1. Teeth are primarily cleaned with the movement of the toothbrush but abrasives within the tooth paste likewise assist rub away plaque and tartar as well as polishing discolourations from the surface of teeth.

2 The typical tooth paste is in between 20 and 42 % water.

3. The 3 most popular toothpaste flavors are peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen.

4. Unflavoured tooth pastes exist..

5. Astronauts make use of special toothpaste that is safe to ingest, like animal toothpaste, for easier use in space.

6. Drinking and eating certain acidic foods and juices commonly outcomes in bitter, unpleasant tastes. Orange juice is the most typically recognized juice to modify taste perception.

7. Mouth cleaning practices have actually been recorded all the way back to the time of Buddha.

8. In the past, individuals have actually tried many kinds of foods and plants to clean their teeth. They even attempted making use of urine. That actually is taking the piss!

9. Herbal or natural toothpastes are widely marketed and feature ingredients that can be copied to make similar toothpastes at home. These toothpastes do not consist of fluoride however have many common ingredients to non-herbal items like baking soda and aloe.

10. Early tooth brushes were twigs and brushes made with heavy yard. Rubbing tooth paste on teeth with rags was also typical before contemporary toothbrushes developed.

11.18th-century toothpaste recipes called for burnt bread, dragon’s blood, cinnamon, and burnt alum.

12. The idea of serving toothpastes in tubes was influenced by Parisian painters utilizing paint from tubes.

13. Initially toothpaste was stored in containers. Created by Washington Sheffield, The first collapsible tubes were made from lead. This ended up being more popular when Colgate incorporated the concept into his toothpaste. Throughout World War 2 when supplies of lead were brief televisions were made from a mix of plastic, paper and aluminum. The majority of tubes today are made totally of plastic.

14. Waterpik are not the only company to create water flossers. The people behind the first ever sonic toothbrush also have a product out that is very good. You can read more about it here: SONICARE airfloss Review

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15. Fluoride, a commonly accepted active ingredient that is known to combat tooth cavities, was not introduced to toothpastes till the 1890s. Innovations in chemical engineering supported this addition.

16. Striped tooth paste was invented in 1955 and was initially effective. The various colors of toothpaste are created to not blend and comes out striped as the tooth paste is pressed out of the slim top of the tube.

17. In 1984 the pump dispenser first appeared. You can now get automatic pumps that dispense the appropriate quantity of toothpaste when you move your brush under it.

18. Layered toothpaste is a more tough tube to make and needs a multi-chamber design so the various colors and tooth paste products are separated inside television.

19. According to many online studies Colgate is the most popular tooth paste brand name in the West. Crest, aqua fresh and Sensodyne are the next popular brands. Which toothbrush is often recommended by American dentists? Check out the Rotadent electric toothbrush review to find out.

20. In 1987 Unilever, a maker of a number of tooth paste brand names said that it spent $400 million pounds that year in marketing. It also spent $715 million dollars in researching and getting brand-new items. One of its most successful recent creations was the toothpaste pump.

21. The routine of brushing teeth daily has constantly been popular in Europe. Nevertheless it did not catch on in America up until soldiers returned from the second world war after observing their European comrades cleaning their teeth daily.

Which hair dryer should I get?

New Elchim or Solano hair dryer again?

My Solano dryer is slowly dying and I need to get a new hair dryer. I had a quick look online to check out the options but there is so much choice that it is just blowing my mind.

I do not want to rush into buying another one, I want to take my time and make a good decision but I’m not sure how much longer I can cope with this dryer. After looking at the new Solano Hair Dryers for so long, part of me thinks I should just get another Super Solano Hair Dryer because it has been good to me and lasted a few years but I am so ready for a change.

I have no idea what the best dryers on the market are? I need some coffee.

When I should have been outside enjoying the sunshine outside topping up my tan I stayed inside and researched blow dryers. This girl knows how to have a good time! So, I think I have whittled it down to two choices. Firstly I have my eye on the Babyliss Pro BABFV1. It is not cheap but this babyliss blow dryer looks amazing and has some great features and a really long cord which is perfect for me because I love to wonder around when drying my hair. Only downside to this is the price which is $100 plus. I could wait for my birthday but that’s just gone and Christmas is aaaagggeessss away.


Next up I came across this brand after reading some elchim hair dryer  reviews. I had not heard much about them before but they seem to make some super great dryers. I love the look of the professional range. Firstly it comes in a variety of colors and secondly has some great features. It has 7 settings which feature different speeds and heat. It is also meant to be really light. I have long hair so have to hold my hand up for ages when drying my hair so the lighter the dryer the better. I also like the fact that it is made in Italy, rather than China. I’m 1/4 Italian on my mom’s side so love anything Italian.

Now I have just found a really good Paul Mitchell Hair Dryer Review to read. 


This is so hard. There are things I love about both these hair dryers but I still can’t decide. Need more coffee!!!

Me and my hair

I love my hair. I could spend hours and hours a day just playing with it and creating lots of different styles. Over the years I have grown it down to my bottom and in a crazy (stupid) emo stage shaved half of it off. During this time I even experimented with different styles and types of wigs but nothing compares to playing with your own hair.

Straighten it


My hair is naturally boring so I like to play around with its texture and style. If my hair is going to be straightened I use ghD straighteners which are simply fabulous. They make my hair beautifully straight and it stays that way all day.

Curl it


I also love to create ringlets in my hair using the babyliss curing wand. I think ringlets are not just cute but they can be really sexy, like Meg Ryan in when Harry met Sally.

Colour it


My hair was every colour of the rainbow by the time I left school. I dyed it pink before everyone else had and auburn before it was cool. I’ve even coloured it white for one Halloween when I dressed as a witch but hated it so vowed I would never do it again. I even had a go at the whole chalking thing but did not like the results.

Give it some tender loving care


After all the playing around I do with my hair I think it is really important for me to look after it. So every few weeks I do absolutely nothing to it other than some deep conditioning. Then I let it rest for a few days knowing that I will probably do something crazy with it soon so I will give it time to recover now.

Luxary Watch December News

Ararmi Exchange New Release

When it comes to armani exchange watches they always look stylish and classy. They are the type of product that permits you to look prodigious with the Monday to Friday group but equally looks good when you are out in the dusk for nibbles and a few appetizers. They raise the weekend appearance.

Ararmi exchange have always been good at having one great design but then having multiple different options to them. For example the brand new AX220 range has exactly the same shape but add diversity and character through the diverse options of straps, colours and materials. You can go with black, brown leather or black metal straps. Then you can have gold or silver clock faces and detailing. If you prefer a chronograph watch the AX21 range comes in grey steel, black steel or gold.

Breitling Superocean 42

Most expensive watches are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and able to tell the time accurately. The Breitling SuperOcean is unique in the fact that it has been designed specifically for divers. Their new watch 42 is no different. Using the monobloc technique, the watch is made from a single piece of stainless steel which helps with waterproofing. The 42 can go down to just under 5000 feet making it the most trustworthy diving watch currently available on the market.

In terms of options the flange comes in black, white, blue, red and yellow but the dial is always black. Dials are coated with LumiNova making them readable at night. The date is on the right hand side and comes with a variety of strap options. A sapphire crystal is used to make it glare proof and highly scratch resistant. Each SuperOcean 42 watch comes with a two year guarantee from manufacturer defects. Even if you are not a diver, you cannot help be impressed with the design and functionality of this watch.